Area of Law(17 items): Administration

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Code Content of Notice
1 TAC 20.1 Texas Ethics Commission, definition of political advertising --- (read law)
1 TAC 26.1 Texas Ethics Commission, disclosure statement required on political advertising --- (read law)
1 TAC 26.5 Texas Ethics Commission, statement on advertising, compliance with Code of Fair Campaign Practices --- (read law)
1 TAC 26.7 Texas Ethics Commission, use of the term "reelect" (re-elect) in political advertising --- (read law)
1 TAC 53.104 Municipal Securities, approval of municipal utility district bonds, contents of bond issue transcripts, publisher's affidavit required --- (read law)
1 TAC 53.105 Municipal Securities, approval of municipal utility district bonds, contents of exclusion of land transcripts, Affidavit of publication of notice of exclusion hearing, clipping attached --- (read law)
1 TAC 53.107 Municipal Securities, approval of municipal utility district bonds, transcript requirements applicable to land added by petition of less than all landowners, order calling election to assume obligation and unissued bonds and to authorize additional bonds, affidavit of publication of election --- (read law)
1 TAC 53.131 Municipalities, pollution control bond issue and waste disposal issues, election --- (read law)
1 TAC 53.41 Municipalities and counties, general obligation bond elections --- (read law)
1 TAC 53.51 Municipal Securities, approval of city revenue bonds, notes, and warrants, municipal revenue bond elections, notice by publication in newspaper --- (read law)
1 TAC 53.61 School districts, tax bond election public notice requirements --- (read law)
1 TAC 53.73 Municipal Securities, certificates of obligation, no notice to bidders required when sold for cash --- (read law)
1 TAC 53.83 Municipalities, resolution, ordinance or order directing publication of notice of intention to issue certificates of obligation --- (read law)
1 TAC 53.84 Municipalities, municipal securities, approval of issues of certificates of obligation: Affidavits of publication stating dates published and newspaper of publication with newspaper clipping attached are required for all published notices regarding certificates. --- (read law)
1 TAC 72.4 Secretary of State, use of state seal in newspaper --- (read law)
1 TAC 126.4 Texas Facilities Commission or state agency to which authority has been delegated, surplus and salvage property, disposition by competitive bidding, auction or direct sale --- (read law)
1 TAC 355.8201 Medicaid Waiver Payments to Hospitals for Uncompensated Care, governmental entity that is party to affiliation agreement approved by Health and Human Services Commission, public notice published in accordance with the governmental entity's usual and customary practices or the Texas Open Meetings Act, as applicable (see paragraph Roman numeral III) --- (read law)